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The Hunter's Run Conservancy District operates on assessments from those who receive a direct benefit from the reduced flood potential in the Upper Hocking Watershed. The District budget is comparatively small and as such we do not operate from an office and only employ one part time maintenance person and part time Secretary Treasurer.

If you have questions or concerns please email us or call and leave a message and someone will contact you. 

Hunter's Run Conservancy District

PO Box 1139

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Phone:  740-409-0312

Board of Directors

Lindel Jackson - President

Ron Burris - Vice President

Chris Claypool  - Director

Shari Orcutt - Secretary -Treasurer 

Please address all email inquiries to the District email listed above.

(740) 409-0312

PO Box 1139

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Meetings by

Appointment Only

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